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Old 14-01-2019, 16:55
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P.C.P. backing vocal lyrics + No Surface All Feeling coda

P.C.P. backing vocal lyrics revealed + how the No Surface All Feeling coda was achieved

Hi Everyone,

We hope that you are all well!

We have recently added some additional information to our interviews with Dave Eringa and Mark Freegard.

So, as fans have discussed both the P.C.P. backing vocal lyrics and the No Surface All Feeling coda here in the past, we thought that you may be interested in the following info that has been very kindly provided by Dave Eringa (who as you will know from one of our previous posts, also explained how Richey didn't play any guitar on NSAF).

P.C.P. backing vocal lyrics
"I asked James, and after listening to the track to check, he told me that he sings: 'P.C.P. gives me no home'."

No Surface All Feeling coda
"The swirling sound at the end of No Surface is simply a very deep flanger on the whole drum kit. We recorded that coda a year later on the sessions for the b-sides of Design For Life (I think) & we were in a different studio with a different drum kit, so of course sonically it didn't match at all & my solution to that was just to put all the drums in one speaker & flange them to hell to make it sound fucked up & (hopefully) cool & to mask the edit!"

Hope this may be of interest to some of you.

Thank you for your time & Stay Beautiful,

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